Personal Emergency

Hey everyone. I know that I have been quiet and we had a release this past week that didn’t happen. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do that, I had a personal emergency that knocked me out for several days. I should be home again tonight and I will get that posted for all…More

Dare. Flash fiction.

Content Updates for The Haunting Hour Podcast

Hello 👋 everyone! So after all the excitement of physical ailments happening, I’m finally cleared to finish getting more done! I finished up the last of the action scenes in the audio story and I’m super excited and proud to release it to all of you. I’m going to listen to the whole thing tonight…More

Friday Thoughts – Who Was Your Most Influential Teacher?

Who was your most influential teacher? Why? I was in my last year of middle school when I finally met a teacher that enjoyed their job. Enough that he made every day an experience for our class. His name was Mr. Merkel, he was an energetic teacher that actually got middle schoolers interested in the…More

The Haunting Hour Season 2, episode 2 will release this week.

With a new season of The Haunting Hour Podcast I’m excited to release this next story episode complete with music, voice acting, and creepy tales that is sure to make you look over your shoulder and maybe even─ check under your bed. 😉 You can find the other seasons and episodes here on Spotify as…More

Monday Motivation Stories!

Many people dread Mondays, so much that it has been the butt-end of jokes and meme’s for years. I used to dread it too when I started feeling stuck at jobs or that I would never move up from that position. And the truth was, I knew that I wouldn’t because there was no room…More

Daily Prompt- Challenges To Come and How I Plan On Facing Them!

What is the biggest challenge you will face in the next six months? Running a company has challenges in itself, however, my heart still follows writing and has for years! The challenges for myself this year is to try and become more professional. I’m trying my best to let go and hire someone to edit…More