Top places Online for Nerdy Gals to Socialize

You want to know what the most frustrating part in all of this was? When I googled ‘best nerdy sites for girls’ I got nerdy dating websites. Man, I want to nerd out about which catwoman/batwoman story arcs I liked best, or about the time movies actually got it right when adapting from my most loved  comics. Not have to worry about the mating game constantly. kthx. geek-girls-bloggers

Something that I stumbled across? A current FB group called Geek Girls and Bloggers that is great for nerdy gals and its community. It can be found here.


Ok, so, FB yeah─ yawn. We all know about groups on there. But what about communities that dedicate themselves to this kind of love and drive for all things fabulously nerdy?


First of my list is Geek Girl. Love it. Love the events, and love it’s cause. Their mission:

is to have a more diverse workforce in tech, create a stronger tech bond between children and their parents, and create a future where every child can become their own Tech Superhero.

And though it serves mostly as a means of education, what better way to socialize than meet others with a passion such as yours?


One of my all-time favs is Black Girl Nerds  it’s everything you would think and more. From the top trending nerdy chic, to real topics that are discussed about the human condition. It’s warm, it’s glorious, do yourself a favor and go check it out.



Next up on my list is Geek Girl Brunch It combines my two favorite things on the planet: Nerdy – everything – and real gals talking about it, and FOOD, glorious food. They have events and it’s a little of old-school meets new school. It’s great! Especially for introverts like me.


Geek Girl Penpals  is so much fun. Why? Because it’s international. And when else can I use my mad Japanese skills than talk with ladies from the East coast. And way, way East Coast. Seriously, some of my all-time best friends come out of Japan and China and I’m so very happy to have chats with them and catch up on all the things that are slow moving in the US. You can even share snail mail and tons of activities together. Go ahead, get your nerdy on.


Seriously, if you aren’t part of the Female Blogger Group you need to get on it! There are some amazing blogs out there with some amazing how-to’s on Cosplays, costuming, comics, shows, manga─ you name it! Get on it, you’re missing out.


What better than a cause for something amazing? The first time I saw this, I was extremely excited for what Kimberly Bryant was trying to do. It’s a huge community impact and it’s amazing: Black Girls Code is a real way to reach out and help those in need and educate the masses. Not only are women in tech starting to increase, but now we have programs to help minorities, and that my friends, is an amazing thing.


Are you a fan of the Goth Community or don’t quite fit into the nerdy niches/pop culture nerdom? Then I have good news! Jillian Venters founded The Gothic Charm School . She is referred to as the Fairy Goth Mother of the subculture community. She literally wrote the book on goth questions.

No longer are the days that this lady has to sit on Deviantart and swim through tides of inappropriate private messages just to relate to my fellow nerdy gals. Here’s to hoping that there is way more in the future.

What are some of your favorite nerd communities and nerd for a cause groups?


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