A Word of Encouragement To Other Writers

I want to reach out to others that may not know this. Writing doesn’t always come naturally, it’s not something that only a few people can do. Anyone can write a story, and honestly, I encourage many people to try.

That’s not to say that anyone can be a novelist. That takes dedication, time and effort. To the people that doubt that they can do it, remember that everyone that wrote a novel struggled with exactly what you are struggling with now.

Some people write for a hobby, while others want to make a living from it. Neither approach is wrong, and it doesn’t make you any less of a writer than the person that wants to do it for a living.

The point is, write how you enjoy writing. So many people get stressed out by not being good enough, or if it’s a hobby not to share. It’s not any less valid than someone that writes all the time. It’s something you’ve chosen to do, for enjoyment.

To all my writers that work hard, and write all the time, stop agonizing over your work and publish it. Whether that be self-published, or through a publisher.  I have read amazing work from people that weren’t published, and from people that claimed they never wanted to send their work out. Whatever your reason for writing, remember why you do it. Because you enjoy it, and it’s yours!

So relax, take care of yourself and keep up what makes you enjoy it.

My own personal goals have always been to someday get published and be a writer, full time. I would never look down on someone that wants to just do it for fun because it’s for them. I encourage all of you to do the same.

❤ Grey

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