August update

So, it’s been a while. A long while, and I just wanted to touch base with all of you. I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog and my stories─ and there’s good reason for it!

Starting in May of this year, I began to help run a company. It was a big, scary leap because being self employed is far different than working for a large  or mid-sized company. Your hours are longer, your pay is decent but nowhere near what you would make if you actually were paid for the amount of hours you put in. So that brings me to my absence! I work 70 hours a week (sometimes more) but I am far happier than I have been in quite some time.

I’m still on track for my goal to send a manuscript in this year for publication. I’m nervous as hell, because it’s the first time that my work will be viewed by a professional editor and by someone who literally reads thousands of manuscripts a year. It makes you feel like you are just a lump in a pile. Tons of people want to be writers. I couldn’t imagine it any other way and though I know I work more than any human probably should, I always have the time an energy to work on my own writing. I love it, and I’ll never give up the dream that one day will find me published and I can actually spend my days wrapped up in my stories like a warm blanket.

I just want all of you to know that nothing has changed, I am and still will be writing, working on my audiobooks and stories with the occasional podcasts as I have time in the coming months. Please be patient!

In the meantime, for fun─ I post mini-stories with voting opportunities on my Twitter that I really enjoy experiencing with all of you! I rarely get on FB these days (occasionally on insta) but I’m most active on Twitter. 😀

The sci-fi I’m planning on sending in is called We Are The Last (working title, but I think I’m going to keep it). I wasn’t sure about my Hell’s Gate series since it is mostly a niche type series geared toward Japanese culture enthusiasts. I may be able to publish it later, but if it never gets picked up, it will be something I release for people to just read if they would like.

All this is to say, I plan on at least keeping my blog updated with more stories, life events, and future plans. Have a great first week of back to school traffic. ❤



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