Why the Haunting Hour has been delayed. (Don’t worry, it’s coming!)

The hell that is my current life is showing no mercy, and I’m feeling burned out. Believe it or not, I really enjoy making these Haunting Hour podcast. They’re a huge stress relief for me! Trust me when I say, I’m bummed that my show had to be put off so much. :/ However, know that I will be posting it this week, I’ve been recording and editing as I can and am confident I will have it out for all of you this week. (In fact, I know so!) Let’s just take a peek into my window of the last two weeks─ without going into too many details:

We are very understaffed right now. My company has gone to the point of finally needing a new employee. I was excited to finally have found someone that could start within two weeks. That Monday rolled around and I got a text message from the new employee that she had been in a car accident and wouldn’t be able to come in until the next day. I was suspicious but told her to take care of herself and keep me updated. She followed up with me and let me know it was just a minor injury and that she would be in. She did come in─ 15 minutes late. I was irritated but started training her and within a few hours she was able to answer the phones and ring people up. The end of the work day came and then the next day she came in on time. I was relieved and thought that maybe she was just nervous and having a rough week. We make it to lunch time when she tells me her sister has gone into labor.

Ok, now I’m in red flag zone. But, as an employer I can’t legally tell her to stay in the event of an emergency. I tell her to go ahead and she leaves. The next day, she claims her sister has lost the baby. While terrible and something no one should have to go through, I am at this point convinced she has been lying. No one has this much drama within the span of a week. That’s a lot of bad things. But, again, I’m thinking “ok, weird.” But whatever the drama was, it was clear she had too much going on. I told her to take the weekend and come in early on Monday since she was all apologies and telling me she would make up for it.

Guess what text message I got over the weekend? She quit.

So now, already over-worked and no new employee, we got to the point that we couldn’t even take phone calls and could only take customers in-store or over text.

Oh how I wish it would have stopped there.

All of us were (understandably) exhausted. One of our employees started feeling ill so I told them to go ahead and take the next day off. She had been having sinus issues and coughing. I could tell she was really tired. After a very long day the next morning I get a text. She had covid. Woo boy. I was so glad that I’m very diligent in cleaning the store very well and have the employees use hand sanitizer. Then that same day, one of my technicians came in sounding like he had a cold. I immediately told him to go get tested and to go home.

Guess what? Two employees down. Then the assistant manager comes in looking completely dead. So, I tell them the same thing. Within less than a week literally ALL of my employees have it. There’s a variant going around that is able to get around the shot. It’s mandatory in my business to keep up with shots and boosters. The issue is, some of us had been a little late in getting the newest booster and boom, guess who all got it? Now I’m panicking and thinking that I probably have it if everyone else does. But three and then four days go by─ no symptoms. I’m scheduled to get tested this week but have been warning customers and telling them to wear a mask.

So here we are. I am running a store by myself with a business that needs at least 4 people to function.

Lord help me, I am so ready for this quarantine to be done so they can come back. But, just so you know I am definitely feeling crushed that I’ve had to delay the show.

In any case, know that I’m doing my best and that it will be released this week.

Love you all!

xoxo Grey

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