Thursday thoughts

I’ve been quiet, I know. Sorry to all those waiting for the next chapters in The Watchmen novella and the new season of The Haunting Hour Podcast. But, I should have my next chapter up soon of The Watchmen and I’m starting a recording for the podcast! Finding a new social media platform has been a struggle with all the things going on right now. It’s made me feel isolated and lonely. Twitter felt like more of a social place the last few years and then suddenly, I noticed less and less people reaching out, commenting, and messaging. It’s felt so bizarre. Facebook is a place that I’ve had many negative experiences on so there is a part of me that feels apprehensive about going back to that. I may make a new account on there but I remain skeptical that much has really changed.

So this is me on a Thursday morning reflecting on what social media would really help me feel social. It gives me a strong sense of completely starting over again. And while it is my own fault for staying quiet as I fight my inner demons and deep depression, I just want to have that sense of comradery again. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful week and enjoyed time with your family and friends this past Thanksgiving! Ours was quiet and small and for me that is wonderful. Large gatherings really make me feel nervous. Conventions are hell for me x.x which is why I stopped going to several of them, it was completely overwhelming. I may go to more a little later but for now it’s the comfortable quiet.

Hopefully I’ll have the next chapters up soon and the podcast going strong with the new season! Happy Thursday y’all!

xoxo – Grey


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