What home is my dream home? Hmm.

I love brutalist and industrial style homes/lofts. Whether inspired or the real deal. Traditional homes aren’t really something that has inspired me. I think what really depresses me is the closed off living spaces. While some brutalist designs can be downright bizarre, I can appreciate the architecture elements.

What some people may find depressing, I have a deep sense of peace looking at these spaces and could imagine myself wandering the space and touching the walls.

Some repeating images cause an anxiety response in some people. Like apeirophobia or the fear of Liminal Spaces. And yet, I find these so calming.

It’s the sort of feeling that as you stare at an image long enough it becomes more and more unnerving. It’s like the scene from The Shining─ you all know the one. It’s the thought of what might be there lurking, or if anything may happen. A sort of anxiety about it being too quiet or that maybe you may stay in that reality forever. Familiar but eerie. Many people claim that you get a sensation of floating when you stare long enough.

I think it spawns from my love of the supernatural. It draws me in and these compel me to walk down the hall toward the mysterious end. I would love this in my home.

And while the shape of some Brutalist building designs are fairly off-putting, the inside is a maze of beauty and wonder.

This one is Brutalist inspired design, but I love the nods to it. It’s warm and lovely as well:

The sort of place I enjoy being around is with as few things as possible littering the walls and shelves. I can enjoy art if it is placed in a tasteful way and not jumbled together. Which leads me to the love of Industrial design as well.

While some of the elements in this room bother me, like the unnecessary crate with cokes on the floor? I can appreciate that artistic elements have been added without hindering the functionality of the space.

I mean, again while this has too much clutter for me it is an attractive space that is beautifully designed.

Furniture hideous, space magical. I would live here in a heartbeat.

So what about all of you? What’s your dream home look like?

xoxo- Grey


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