Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how? – Daily Prompt!

Oh yes, I’m sure some I’m aware of and some I am not. Some pretty funny stories too when it’s all said and done. I remember this one time several buddies of mine and myself got into the trunk of a car and [redacted] ! 😮 It was so crazy, I couldn’t believe that we actually got away with [redacted] and people had no clue. So flipping hilarious to see that guys face when he opened the door.

Oh and also my bud had just gotten their new ride and we went over to [redacted] to meet up with some friends. It was pretty chill until all of a sudden one of the guys pulled up and pointed his [redacted] at us. Guy was seriously ballsy. So of course us being the responsible adults that we were at 23, we pulled up next to him and proceeded to [redacted]. I cry laughing when I think about it. Man oh man, those were the days.

Pssh. Like I’d post my deepest confessions here for the planet to read. Mwahahaha.

Nice try, FBI.



  1. Many times, unfortunately, but all with good intentions! One time I did get caught, I was attempting to pay for my chow mein from the local Safeway but the lady behind the counter ignored me for about 5 minutes before my friend said, “really, you’re going to wait to pay for that? Just walk away.” & I was banned from Safeway for the next two years.

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    1. C.A. Greyson says:

      Omgeebus, I’ll never forget the time I got caught as a kid eating Gardetto’s in the store. I was seven years old and mortified! My mom was─ not happy and neither was my bum. I think everything in life is not so cut and dry. Breaking the law? Pretty sure every one of us have without even realizing it! But, hey, more than likely─ they just used it as a scare tactic and you’re probably safe to go back. lol


      1. Haha yes!! And exactly! I learned right then and there that peer pressure was usually wrong and learned from it real quick. It was awkward the first few times I did go back to that Safeway but I avoided it at all costs if I could.
        I 100% agree though, I think we have all broken the law and probably did not even mean to or know it. It happens, not everyone means to do it, sometimes they really just didn’t understand it. My situation was a little different though. Lol

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      2. C.A. Greyson says:

        People always think they’re immune to peer pressure, but man it’s hard not to do it when you’re standing there with your friend (especially when you’re young) and don’t want to look lame. Woo boy, I did dumb things as a kid with dares. haha! But, we learn, we grow and if we don’t learn we probably get better at not getting caught. 😉

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      3. Yes!! We all did some dumb things, own it and continue learning!!


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