The Backrooms – Urban Legend or Real?

If you’re a fan of horror and the supernatural, you’ve probably heard of The Backrooms. This mysterious and terrifying place has been the subject of countless horror stories, urban legends, and creepypasta. But what exactly are The Backrooms? The Backrooms are an alternate dimension that is said to exist in the shadows of our own world. It is a place of infinite darkness, filled with endless corridors and rooms. The dull, tan wallpaper is something stuck in the 70’s and the floors are damp and covered in a thick layer of dust. The air is stale and musty, and the only sound is the maddening faint hum of incandescent light bulbs.

The Backrooms are said to be haunted by strange creatures known as “mimics”. These creatures are believed to be able to mimic any sound or object they come across. They can move through walls and other solid objects. It’s an endless maze, with no way out. Those who enter the Backrooms often find themselves disoriented and then to their horror hopelessly lost. It is said that most who enter the Backrooms never return, and those who do─ let’s just say they’re never the same. The Backrooms have been the subject of many horror stories and creepypastas, and it’s easy to see why. Whether or not The Backrooms actually exist is still up for debate, but one thing is certain: they make for some truly terrifying tales.

Where Did The Backrooms Originate?

The Backrooms are an eerily dark and mysterious realm that exist within the Internet. It’s a multiverse-like area that’s populated with numerous rooms and hallways, all of which are filled with darkness and the unknown. The Backrooms are accessed through various means, including entering certain websites or using certain computer programs.

The earliest known reference to the Backrooms is from a 4Chan /x/Board in 2019 on a thread about posting unsettling images. In it, the anonymous user posted this mysterious photo with the following text:

The post quickly went viral, leading to speculation about the true nature of this mysterious place.

Many believe that the Backrooms exist outside of our own physical reality and that they may be an alternate dimension. Others suggest they are a construct of code, existing within the Internet itself. Whatever the case, the Backrooms remain shrouded in both mystery and speculation. The Backrooms have become a popular topic of discussion and fascination within the horror community over the years. Numerous horror writers and filmmakers have used the Backrooms as inspiration for their stories and films, leading to its rise in popularity. The exact origin of The Backrooms remains a mystery to this day. From horror literature to movies, the Backrooms have become an integral part of our pop culture inspiring both fear and fascination.

What Makes The Backrooms So Fascinating?

What makes The Backrooms so intriguing is Its mystery. These hidden spaces tucked behind something as mundane as an old office building drives people to know what lies within. Those brave enough to venture into finding The Backrooms can expect to discover an endless maze of rooms, terrifying entities, and spaces that bridge between areas in our own reality and further into the alternate reality itself. Many speculate that The Backrooms go on forever, while others believe that if you do manage to get through the maze of rooms, something truly amazing waits or you finally are able to make it back into your own reality. While others suggest that it is horrifying reality beyond our wildest dreams─ a place that no human was meant to see. 

Similar to cosmic horror fiction (think Lovecraftian), this style horror hones in on the thin veil between our normal, daily lives that overlay with the madness of another realm. What makes this image and story so fascinating and unsettling at the same time is how relatable it is. We can literally hear the light hum from the light bulbs, we can smell the old musky odor and see that familiar, depressing wallpaper of an office space lost in time─ as if it is it’s own reality waiting for someone to remember it again.

This style horror mostly plays on the uneasy feelings images create from a popular internet image trend known as Liminal Spaces. Liminal spaces are said to evoke such feelings as nostalgia, uncertainty, and feeling lost. As you stare at these images, it’s said to create a sense of floating and increasing dread. It’s not the image itself but the feelings that slowly come from it. The eternity of what the space promises, what could be hiding just behind that long, dark hall, or parking garage, or endless maze of offices. Whatever the space, you can’t help but create your own disturbing nightmare through your mind’s eye.   

Pourquoi l'esthétique des espaces liminaux fascine les internautes ?    Stare for as long as you dare. 

Sweet dreams, friends.



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