Daily Prompt- Challenges To Come and How I Plan On Facing Them!

What is the biggest challenge you will face in the next six months?

Running a company has challenges in itself, however, my heart still follows writing and has for years! The challenges for myself this year is to try and become more professional. I’m trying my best to let go and hire someone to edit instead of doing it myself but finding someone to do that has been a real challenge. And the ones that I have found do wonderful work are more than I can budget right now. I’m thinking on how I can do that in a way that keeps me making content but doesn’t break the bank. It’s not that I couldn’t afford it, it’s that it is irresponsible to spend money when times are good. Saving for retirement is the best plan or planning for something to go wrong one year. If I were to put myself before my employees, what of their lives? Should they live with the constant fear of losing everything? No. So for me, I allot myself a certain amount each month and budget around it. Living otherwise is disrespectful to myself and others that depend on me.

The struggle is that I absolutely love creating content but despise having to keep up with social media. I don’t want to plaster my face all over the place, but without anyone getting to know you as a creator it doesn’t line up professionally. Ah, life.

If you are wondering what my main job is, I run an AC/Heating part store that I also create YouTube content for and help homeowners and technicians with diagnosing issues. (I know! Completely different, haha.) If you ever have an AC issue, lol you can go watch my stuff here. (shameless plug :P)

A huge struggle is building a brand for myself. I can do it all day for the company, but promoting just myself seems so narcissistic. @_@ It’s something I guess I have to get over.


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