Results of the next Haunting Hour Podcast urban legends episode and other news.

The verdict is out! Everyone voted for the Celebrity Rule of 3 urban legend. (We had voting on Twitter as well.) So our next show that we cover urban legends will have the rule of 3 in the mix. This will be on the urban legends episode which means our next Haunting Hour Podcast release will be a creepy story episode. If you would like to participate in our next vote you can follow me on Twitter or post it here in the comments.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, I alternate episodes occasionally with spooky audio stories as well. It’s a production complete with sounds and music. This coming episode will be a scary stories release and then the next will have the Urban Legends. I will try to come up with a schedule for all of you so that you know when they will come out.

For now, I am in-between finding a good audio editor so I am having to do everything myself. So just bear with me!

Happy Wednesday my fellow lovers of the supernatural.

xoxo – Grey

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