How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Thoughts for today.

Let’s travel back to the land of my youth~ The awkward, depressing story of my youth will be saved for another time, however, it does play a role in my failures.

Being that I came from a very unusual background it was hard for me to relate to others, which made for many super awkward interactions. Because of people’s somewhat normal home lives, complaints were usually somewhere along the lines of others getting irritated at overly-protective parents or break-ups or getting caught sneaking out. (Which I did do once and hilarity ensued, but that’s a story for another time.)

Since I couldn’t relate, I didn’t know how to speak to people. This later caused issues in my workplaces and relationships. I think my failures here were to learn from my mistakes earlier than I did. I often let people take advantage of me when I was younger and manipulate me. It took me years to finally find my backbone and tell people no. Even longer to keep my foot down and actually follow through with that no. Once I began standing up for myself, it had one of two effects─ either others respected me more or I lost friends. But those friends were definitely not worth keeping around!

The learning experience here was to take care of myself and that I was worthy.

What is a failure that you learned from?

xoxo – Grey


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