The Haunting Hour Season 2, episode 2 will release this week.

With a new season of The Haunting Hour Podcast I’m excited to release this next story episode complete with music, voice acting, and creepy tales that is sure to make you look over your shoulder and maybe even─ check under your bed. 😉

You can find the other seasons and episodes here on Spotify

as well as Soundcloud and Google Podcasts. As I’m able to get a feel for how busy I will be, I’ll try to pick a day of the week to upload so you can expect it that day every week! I’ll set up a vote on my Twitter account. I’ll give it a day or so to gather as many votes as possible. I’m leaning toward the mid of the week, I think it would be more practical. Have a great day my fellow mystery aficionados and the show will be released this week!

xoxo – Grey


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