Who I am and what I do as a Writer/Podcaster? Big news to share!

Those of you that have listened and been with me over the years know that I’ve struggled on many fronts as a creator. I traveled to learn about what I wrote. I took two trips to Japan when I wrote my first full-length novel and then decided to change it into a series. I got to go to many conventions as well. It’s true, my first real novel series and promotion was pretty awful. xD

My travels made for hilarious stories, I’ll have to share them with all of you some time on the series along with some photos!

I’m definitely going to go ahead and start a YouTube channel. This channel will be special to me, because it isn’t just going to be limited to serious scary. It lets me broaden my horizons a bit more. The channel name will be released soon─ but know that it is in the mix and it’s going to be great. While podcasting will still happen for sure, I’m also going to have the show accessible on YouTube so we can have the best of both worlds.

So what am I about? I love the supernatural, mysterious, creepy stories─ especially urban legends! I write my own audio stories and podcasts as well as books and novellas. I also feature scary stories, mythology, creepypastas, and urban legends on my podcasts as well. So if you’re into the great mysteries of beyond, the possibility of something lurking just out of your reach, or creepy-fun tales with a sprinkle of whimsy, then this will be your jam! We’ll occasionally have real-life stories in the mix because, hey, things in real life are sometimes both creepier and more hilarious than stories.

The Haunting Hour Podcast season 2, episode 2 is set for release on Wednesday, March 15th. This one will be a audio-story complete with voice acting, music, and bringing on the unnerving to the max. I’m proud to present this one and feel like it’s going to be one of my best ones to date! Have a great rest of your Sunday.

I’m on a journey of perpetual funsies of the spooky kind. So let’s have fun together. 😉

xoxo – Grey


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