Bo Burnham says it best – Current Mood And News.

Ugh is the word of the CENTURY right now. Life has been crazy. My kiddo got COVID and I won’t get to see her this year for Easter. I had an entire treasure hunt set up for her this year too -_-

So, onward to my month so far. Let me just say that I am ready to not have any more of a shit storm head my way, thank you universe─ please stop being an asshole to me. The flood and losing all of my stuff last year was enough, thank you.

I got diagnosed with autoimmune issues (my kidneys are loving life) and to top it all off, my PODCAST file got corrupted on my drive IN THE MIDDLE OF ME SAVING A BACKUP. So, fun times losing a project that was saved under three different areas (including the cloud) and getting corrupted. I have tried every recovery program (even paid for a year of a not-so-cheap recovery app) to only find that it was able to recover 40% of all that tedious editing I did. I have been so angry and withdrawn I have been super quiet on here and everywhere else. I could rant on the amount of anger/self-loathing, self-hating/sadness I’m experiencing right now, but let’s just get through this embarrassment together and forget the last few weeks have happened. On the plus side, I have been able to get writing and painting done which has helped somewhat save my sanity.

My last week has been spent doing nothing but editing on a project that took me three weeks to do. I still do not understand how a file can corrupt like that other than there was something else going on, like a malicious software. I’ve checked everything online and it seems that, aside from it just being a large file that could have corrupted because of disk space, it may have been a program that screwed it up. So flipping tired of all the editing and it’s right at the busy season for my store to begin. Not where I want to be spending my Easter Sunday this year, but that’s what it do for me.

I’m dying slowly inside and want to dive into the shallow end of the pool─ Thanks 2023

xoxo – Grey


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