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Allow Me To Introduce Myself And What I do!

Welcome to My Weird & Crazy World


Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, yours truly had a podcast. (doesn’t everybody tho?) If you aren’t familiar with my older work, you can check it out here. I’d like to pick up doing that again and focus on what I love most─ creepy, spooky, and downright sinister stories. In addition to my audio-stories, I’m thinking of doing creature features with folklore, urban legends, and true tales of terror.

Occasionally, you’ll find Webcomics that I post both there and on my blogs. I still haven’t figured out how to change my theme on each one of my pages, but hey, we’ll get there eventually. Don’t get my humor? It’s ok, neither does anybody else. ❤

And of course my writing!

I help run a company which means I am limited on my time for content but I do try to update as often as I can and hope you enjoy your time here. I mostly write horror, thrillers, and sci-fi. Dark humor is my cup of tea and chances are it’s yours too if you’ve stuck around. 😉

Sometimes, my posts can be touchy-feely and others─ downright Debbie-Downer-Depressing. But that’s why I’ve tried to place those under blog~ I struggle with crippling depression, which apparently so does half the people on the planet. Mine can go anywhere from a week until a year, which is really tough to get through, but I have managed to get myself up and going a little more here recently. I’ve sincerely missed writing and having some sort of online interaction. In any case, I’m glad to be back!

That’s a little about me, and more to come soon.



Folklore And The Supernatural – A Figment Of Our Imagination, Or Real?

Since we could put our thoughts and history on cavern walls we have mentioned otherworldly beings or gods. The Egyptians even had a word for our spirit, something akin to ‘soul’ or ‘chi’─ that word is Ka. The Christian bibles (Protestant, Catholic, so on and so forth) mention a fierce, yet loving god with beings called angels to fight for humanity souls (spirits) and be at the Christian god’s side when they must purge satan, his followers, and his fallen city of angels, casting them into a burning ‘lake’ for all of eternity. Different branches also believe that you gain a second chance by finding your way from a place called purgatory into heaven or be doomed to wander this in-between forever.

This isn’t exclusively Christian. Japan’s practice of Shinto (which labeling Shinto in itself is sort of a foreigner’s way of explaining an umbrella belief of the religion, such as the many different versions of Christianity─ it is region based) goes into a very lengthy process of the family ensuring their loved one is at peace. The dead must be cremated, and the family must first remove the bones with chopsticks starting at the feet to be placed first so that they are not upside down in the urn. The ashes can be divided among family and friends, but the bones and ashes remaining must be placed at the family shrine afterward. (all of the bones!)

The older beliefs were that the afterlife was a dark realm, much like Greek mythology where there is a river separating the living from the dead. The more modern take is that people will go where their spirits are suited to go, however many funerals are a blend of Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. A popular view of the blending beliefs is to follow a 20 day step-by-step process to ready the spirit (Reikon) for death.

If you don’t, it can cause the spirit to become vengeful. (Onriyo, a generic term for ‘ghost’ or ‘spirit’ can come back from ‘purgatory’ to avenge wrongdoings in our world, known as Yurei. Or, if you happened to be the person that wronged or killed the person that is seeking revenge─ Ultimate. Payback.) This has a striking resemblance to the ghost/zombie creature from Scandinavian folklore, Gjenganger who is a monster that comes back to the world to finish up old business, or seeking revenge before passing on.

Isn’t she a cutie? ^~^

There is no stopping a Yurei, they can physically manifest themselves into our world and harm or kill people. While this is just the tip of the iceberg─ you can see how many cultures have their own unique spin on deities, spirits, or realms beyond our own.

The belief of the supernatural is still strong in many cultures, even today in 2022. The differences between many of us are the belief of power the supernatural can hold. While some believe that ghosts, even if they are annoying or scary, cannot kill or harm you─ some cultures believe ghosts can manifest into physical form and can both harm and kill you. (Like the Yurei) You can find many Eastern cultures that believe this way, most notably China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. This is why they hold festivals to honor and remember the dead to keep them happy.

Think they have some weird beliefs on death and the supernatural spirits? Check out these guys from other cultures:

ManananggalThe Body-Separating Vampire (shapeshifter). Courtesy of the Philippines.

The name literally comes from the Tagalog term ‘to cut in half’ which in English translates to ‘separator or remover’. It prefers to prey on sleeping expectant mothers (yeah, as if pregnant ladies need any more added stress) and uses a elongated appendage, think butterfly, to suck out the heart of the unborn baby or to suck out the blood from someone that is sleeping. It also targets newly weds or men that have left women at the altar. So, not only does this horrific creature feast on expectant mothers and their unborn child─ for your viewing pleasure it also flies in the sky sans-legs complete with intestines and all.

oh. my. a-god.

The good news? If you can locate it’s lower body, just smear salt, ash, or crushed garlic on it. It won’t be able to re-join with it’s body and will die at sunrise. It’s like a vampire on steroids. o,o

Speaking of eating babies, check out the Japanese Yamauba (Female Mountain Ogres)

They are said to be the older women in town that were marginalized and then forced to live in the mountains. While they prefer babies, they will also feast on any passerby’s. The neatest part? They have a mouth under their hair. Om Nom Nom.

Yamauba |

An older lady in Russian folklore has a bit of a mixed review on good/evil. The Baba Yaga:

Seguindo os passos da História: Baba Yaga

She wanders through the woods, riding a mortar with a pestle cane. She offers help to those that seek guidance, but in many versions you must pay a price. And in original tales Baba Yaga is portrayed more as a witch that tricks or steals children then making them do chores, fattening them up, and then eating them. Hmm…Hansel and Gretel anyone?

Pinky Pinky – The South African Bathroom Horror

Much like our tales of Bloody Mary, or Japan’s Hanako San─ This creatures preys on women that try and use the public bathroom. Pinky Pinky has a shock of bright pink hair and is half human, half creature. It chooses to target women in their most vulnerable moment─ especially girls that wear pink underwear. It will attack and sometimes become enraged enough to murder. (Bizzaro~) According to legend only women can see it, but over the years boys have claimed to have been attacked by it.

Your childhood myth tormentor Pinky Pinky comes to life in this conceptual  imagery series [Photos]

How about the U.S. urban legends?

Check out Slender Man:

Even though this guy was created on a creepypasta internet meme on the Something Awful internet forum by user Eric Knudsen (aka ‘Victor Surge’) in 2009, it still sends thrills and chills into fans everywhere. Believe it or not, it started off as a Photoshop contest to create paranormal images. While many fans argue over which version of him is right, the most popular version is an unnaturally tall, slender entity with pale skin, wears a suit, with a featureless head and face, and tentacles. The German people had a tale about a tall man as well called Der Großman – Pronounced Der Grossman (I like to say ‘The Gross Man’ lol!)

The lore:

So, here’s the deal─ Slenderman was never filed under Mythology and therefore does not have an official background story that is ‘canon’ to the ‘original’. That being said, Slender started off being a humanoid type monster that would prey on mostly children. It had a very Lovecraftian vibe to it─ madness, another dimension, fantastic/horrific creatures in modern settings. Meaning anywhere ‘safe’ you could turn, the worst can happen. Slender can slenderwalk─ travel anywhere at anytime without being detected. Some theories suggest that he is an interdimensional being or 4th dimensional creature. Others think he started as a myth and then was turned into a real being called a Tulpa. The Tulpa theory is that Slenderman can be a thoughtform creature─ meaning that people as a collective have ‘thought’ Slender into existence, making him a real being.

The one that most people can agree on is that Slenderman only starts coming around when you think about him, or talk about him. (Her? They? It?) I dare you to not think about it. 😉

Around the world we seem to be drawn to creatures of the night. They slink around our homes and prey upon our friends or families. Or how about the notorious Slender Man, Black-Eyed Children, and Shadow People─ famous urban legends in the U.S. I’m particularly fond of these myself and love the chill that runs down my spin as I imagine them waiting in the dark, ready to take me to the other realm.

So, I too find myself wondering─ Are these just urban legends or are there elements of truth to our worst nightmares? What do you think friends?

Pleasant dreams.

xoxo─ Grey

Monday thoughts – Why are women held to a different standard than men and why is our government allowing this?

It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon, mild in weather and close to one of my all-time favorite holidays. While I try my best to keep a positive state of mind with the season rapidly approaching, I find my mind wandering to darker subjects. In these trying times I think it’s hard for anyone to stay positive, especially with opposition coming in full force from all directions─ people angry with the state of things and looking for anything to blame on others.

This is a rant, and my own personal opinion.

I watched my aunt fume over Biden ‘ruining the country’ and real history being taught at schools. Not just the traditional founding fathers nonsense, but the truth on slavery and wrongdoings as well. Sorry, but that is history and your children need to be taught about why it should never happen again. If you have a problem with truth or get defensive over it, you might want to take a harder look at yourself. Don’t your children deserve the truth? It makes me increasing sad to realize that there is a real disturbing trend of people that are buying into a zealot-level conservativism. They bring it into our business, playgrounds with children soaking all of this up like sponges, in the store, on the t.v., on the internet, brainwashing the elder generation that buys into old conservative ideals. The old conservatives were something else, really trying their best to fight for what was right. Teddy Roosevelt was a prime example of leadership. He got it done. These modern day jokes are nothing more than bullies, corruption galore, heartless business men that are taking advantage of the poor and under-educated. Do I side with any one party? No, I do not. Corruption is absolutely nothing new and all parties have it. Even independents, and green parties─ those claiming to be for the people. While I don’t buy into the Kool-Aid of conspiracy theorists (whom are also usually zealots in their own way, just like far-leftists) there is some merit in mudslinging to distract the public. You keep people fired up, they focus on blaming a mass following of a certain party that fosters hate between the people.

Divide the people, gerrymander, take bribes, treat others like garbage, commit the most heinous sexual acts without repercussions, get out of millions of dollars in taxes, rob people of their rights (especially women and minorities) and have the audacity to try and represent the people and somehow succeed in elections?

Just in the state of Texas alone, there are more regulations on my body and reproduction organs than guns. You can walk into any gun-show and have a wide selection of anything your heart might desire. The background check is a joke and any and all guns don’t have to be registered on your driver’s license. But god forbid a woman have the audacity to make an important life choice for her and an unborn entity. What kind of shit life awaits a child whose parent(s) want nothing to do with it? My mother was a shining example of this and I was reminded of it every. single. day. It made her bitter, spiteful, and apathetic to anything going on in my life. If you think this doesn’t happen all the time, you are terribly wrong.

How quickly would the state change it’s tone if we had massive regulations on the state being responsible for abandoned children and paying for natal care? How about having to assist single parents with schooling, feeding, and clothing that child? While it’s a tired argument, it’s a correct one─ no one wants to pay for a child to be taken care of, they want women to deal with it themselves (aka conservatives little fuck you to women for having sex outside of marriage without a husband and therefore should be punished for it.). No one that is pro-life gives two shits about that child’s life, they are pro-birth. That is backwards to even their core beliefs, you know why? You say that someone should take responsibility for a child─ neat, what if they they can’t afford that or have zero support systems? What argument are you going to come back with? That the woman is responsible for her own problems and should suck it up? Sure, ok. So, she busts her butt and it still isn’t enough for two to survive so she has to apply for aid. But, you say that people that live off of financial aid are lazy and shouldn’t be allowed to take all of your hard earned tax dollars. (which by-the-way, have you ever actually looked into where your tax dollars go? It isn’t to the people. Dallas has had millions of peoples tax dollars mysteriously disappear, or turned into a non-functioning bridge. Go on, look into your own city. It’s pretty depressing.)

So, back to the real issue at hand─ this is all an underhanded bullshit way to corner women into needing men to survive. Let’s just call it what it is, absolute control over women’s bodies and their lives. You know what the solution is? You don’t like your tax dollars used for people to just survive because they chose to keep a child they can’t afford, therefore costing you way more than forcing un-wanted pregnancies─

pay for birth control instead.

But guess what, you won’t and I think you know why you won’t.

It isn’t about helping ‘protect women’ and ‘thinking about women’s lives’ or about ‘having proper support before getting pregnant’, or ‘protecting the child before it’s born’ absolutely not. Many people buy into this, not because they have nefarious intentions but because it is what they were taught. And they honestly believe that it is the right way to be and they are helping others. That is not what any of this is about and you can’t expect someone that was raised on these ideals to know any better. What history has shown is no different thousands of years ago versus today─ no matter the amount of reason you present to someone else, they will dig their heels into the ground and back up their viewpoint. No one wants to seem like a fool or believe that they have bought into some sort of sham or way of life their entire life. It took me years to have an open mind towards other’s thoughts and opinions. It isn’t as though I don’t understand where their heart is, or why they believe that way because I did too once upon a time.

Ladies, men in charge do not have your interests in mind. Because heaps of them are in the stone age and taught based off of a bible that was written by men, for men and altered from original text to fit the European way of life and culture and then adapted to the new Americas and its culture, and then modern white, American men and its culture. White American culture─ based off of a non-white, presumably middle-eastern man, in a completely different culture from our own. What.

Have any of you been to a southern Baptist, or Pentecostal church? Ridiculous. Women have to wear skirts, they can’t cut their hair, they can’t wear makeup, many believe they have to give birth until they physically and mentally can’t give birth anymore. No low neckline shirts, no tight clothing, no shirt sleeves above the elbow, no gender-neutral clothing including pants, must remain ‘pure’ for their husbands.

Men’s rules: no hair below their ears, or touching their collars. Hmm.

While all religion in many cultures harp on abstinence on both sides, it is more loosely enforced on men and extremely strict on women.

The biggest insult is how women are viewed. It’s about men making sure that women ‘stay pure’ for men. It is about massive amounts of misunderstanding on how the female body works. This horrible incorrect nonsense is taught to our children, shaming their natural instincts instead of building them up and preparing them for the real world. Sexual education is a joke here. The only education is to not have sex, the end. But, it goes deeper than that. Women are even taught in front of boys that if they have sex before marriage your husband gets the raw end of the deal with a busted vagina. Nothing there about protection, or safety, or taking care of your body, or birth control─ Ladies, your hoo-ha is men’s property and you’re ruining it.

So instead it’s about letting the ‘boys be boys’ and sleep around but women are to stay virtuous. You little shits in no way shape or form care about women, you care about us not being spoiled goods like some sort of human garbage you can pile your shit on until we sit quietly at the bottom of it, losing our voice and only obeying you.

With all my heart and without remorse, screw you.

Control is all you are after disguised as care. The worst part? You know others truly believe in something you don’t and are manipulating them and using them for political advantage and power to the fullest extent. And we support them.

Just my rant on a Monday afternoon.


Women in Texas and the United States everywhere, fight─ fight with all you’ve got.

So, seriously? I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the new law so I immediately looked at several news sources, articles, and anything I could find over it. Sure enough, it was true. How, for the love of all that is holy, did this happen? I mean, I’ve always known that Abbott is a real piece of work, but this is absolutely ridiculous.

Really? The equivalent of bounty hunting? Not only does it just go through in our state but then it’s allowed to fly by our Supreme Court? What is going on in our country right now? How can anyone in their right mind say that allowing whistle blowing on women and suing not only them but anyone they think is involved something a sane group of people would come up with? Even if you have the procedure in another state where later term abortions are legal you can still be sued? Totally unacceptable.

Oh, and the real kick in the pants is the fact that the Supreme Court didn’t hear the full briefing or any arguments in court. Great job guys, you have just undermined more than fifty years of progression for women across our state. And then, as you could guess, caused a domino effect where other states are scrambling to get our constitutional rights banned.

Which begs the question, what next America? Critical thinking anyone? Hello?

Do you know who gets affected the most by these laws? Poor people and minorities. Just like everything else. Want revenge on someone and be able to walk away scot-free from your responsibilities of helping someone that you knowingly slept with and has every chance to get pregnant? No problem, once your ex or one-night-stand has to go to another state to get a medical procedure done, you can make a little side hustle out of exploiting a woman and taking her money. With no consequences. None.

Rape? Who cares.

Childcare? The woman or family’s problem.

Money? They should have a better job that pays more─ oh and find child care and live off of a single income without aid from the state or government.

You want to throw down rich, white conservative zealots? (because many conservatives are not this extreme) Ok, cool. By your own logic, let’s look at what should also go into place for this insane law to make it fair if you really are doing this for the health and safety of women in the state:

  • The state will provide free birth control to women ages 16 until menopause occurs so that no abortions are necessary. It can be sold over the counter or online and readily available with easy access, no excuses. The same will be offered for men who want to get vasectomies.
  • Once a paternity test has confirmed the child is his, the man involved, if he has not done so, should be sued for not providing half payment for said abortion before 6 weeks. This is court ordered and he is unable to defer payment. Failure to show up in court will result in a $10,000 dollar fine and up to 5 years in jail.
  • If a woman has decided to keep the child, the father must cover half of all expenses involved with necessary child care expenses. This includes primary and secondary schooling expenses.
  • A man has the right to wave parental responsibilities if he pays a one-time fee of $10,000 that can be paid within 3 years time. The man involved must sign a legal document waving his parental rights, and as previously stated a paternity test must be taken before paying the court-ordered fee. Failure to comply will result in a $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in jail.
  • If a woman or a couple finds out that she is pregnant and it is past the deadline but does not want the child or is unable to take care of the child, the state is held responsible to open adoption centers where children are provided what they need to survive and to receive a proper education.
  • If the father is unknown or in another state, and the woman does not wish to keep the child the state is held responsible to open adoption centers where children are provided what they need to survive and a proper education.
  • If it is found that a single parent is unable to financial support themselves and a child, the state is held responsible to assist the single parent until they are able to find a better paying job. This includes natal care after 6 weeks of pregnancy. To counter-act people throwing fits over having to ‘support lazy bums’ that, by the way the state has supported by implementing this ridiculous law, a parent will have a reasonable amount of time to get off of assistance, but they have to get off of assistance within the allotted time.
  • Parents of women that have to take on the burden of a child shall not be held financially responsible to pay for said child if the mother is 18 years or older. Except in the case of the woman’s father, or brother being the man responsible for the pregnancy. This includes natal care for the remaining of the pregnancy after the 6 weeks law takes effect.
  • Abortions after 6 weeks performed in another state will not result in fining, or allowing individuals involved to sue or be sued by the state of Texas.

Extreme conservatives by nature have no place in government. Any religion that removes personal freedom without consequences to anyone other than the pregnant woman is unconstitutional. This law is put in place to control women and our rights. It’s to control the poor and minorities and it is downright deplorable.

Hey, assholes, you have no right to use the term ‘pro-life’ you are anything but. Label yourselves like it is, ‘pro-birth’ because you don’t give a shit about that child after it is born. You don’t give a shit about women’s rights or what happens to them after a forced pregnancy occurs. You just don’t give a shit.

George Carlin says it best:

Something needs to be done, and it needs to happen now or there is no stopping whatever they have planned next to pin women under the state and men’s authority.

Because according to them, we are second class citizens and having sex before marriage should only be a luxury afforded to men. By that logic─ doesn’t that mean that men should only be allowed to have sex with men? I mean, no pregnancy occurs and women stay ‘pure’, right? Your move Texas law makers.