The Haunting Hour Season 2 Is Here!

If you were able to access my podcast yesterday, apologies for the HORRIBLE audio that was released. Rest assured, this is the second time that I put someone else in charge to properly edit and upload and it will NOT happen again. Not only was it horrible, it still contained some of the raw file…More

The Backrooms – Urban Legend or Real?

The Backrooms are an alternate dimension that is said to exist in the shadows of our own world. It is a place of infinite darkness, filled with endless corridors and rooms. The dull, tan wallpaper is something stuck in the 70’s and the floors are damp and covered in a thick layer of dust. The air is stale and musty, and the only sound is the maddening faint hum of incandescent light bulbs.More

What advice would you give to your teenage self? Daily prompt.

Ok, who hasn’t thought of this? I mean, we’ve all had super embarrassing things that we regret doing. And if there are no rules to this, we would try to get super-duper rich. Somehow I think there would probably be rules against this by the time police (overlords?) But let’s get to it─ what would…More

New Season of The Haunting Hour Podcast is Coming Next Week!

It’s here, it’s finally here! Season 2 of The Haunting Hour Podcast. If you aren’t familiar with the show, you can find it on my website here, Spotify, and Google Podcast. I am working toward putting them up on Apple Podcasts as well! The second season debuts on Thursday, February 23rd! With more time to…More

What home is my dream home? Hmm.

I love brutalist and industrial style homes/lofts. Whether inspired or the real deal. Traditional homes aren’t really something that has inspired me. I think what really depresses me is the closed off living spaces. While some brutalist designs can be downright bizarre, I can appreciate the architecture elements. What some people may find depressing, I…More

Daily Prompt – Favorite Candy!

What’s your favorite candy? This is one of the hardest questions that I have ever had to answer. I mean, how do you choose? If I’m in the mood for more savory/chocolate style candy─ Reese’s peanut butter cups. Specifically the pumpkins, the trees, and the hearts. I’m not a fan of the ridges on the…More

Daily prompt!

How does death change your perspective? Death, to me, isn’t something to fear. It isn’t life changing, it’s just an inconvenience. Once I find the cure and become immortal I will achieve much greatness. Yes, yes indeed. Now, the tricky part will be finding the key to reversing age. I mean, who would want to…More

Asian Horror Movies VS American Horror Movies

Asian horror movies have been gaining popularity in the US for the past few years. There are many reasons why but one of the biggest reasons is that they are just so different from American horror movies. Asian horror films tend to be much more psychological and integrate practicality even when the supernatural are involved.…More

Thursday thoughts

I’ve been quiet, I know. Sorry to all those waiting for the next chapters in The Watchmen novella and the new season of The Haunting Hour Podcast. But, I should have my next chapter up soon of The Watchmen and I’m starting a recording for the podcast! Finding a new social media platform has been…More