Red – A Psychological Thriller

The buildings in Phase Two look like poorly decorated gingerbread houses, each strung with mismatched, twinkling lights. Travis and mine are one of the top units furthest to the left. Nestled close to the woods it is the very last building in Phase Two and one of the few patios not blinking with festive lights. My hands are cold and sweaty as the gym comes into view. I cannot keep them from shaking, so instead I stuff them into my jacket pockets. The thin fabric will keep them restrained for now. Tonight is the night that I have been planning for three long weeks. I crouch behind Anna’s brand new Mercedes S-Class and watch as the thin figures run in place.More

The Watchmen – Part XI

Nothing is changing, nothing is happening, and I can’t move. I can’t move and They singe and burn, peel flesh from my bones, my clothing melts into my skin until I am sure that I will die from it. More

Coral – A Short Story About Child Abuse. Trigger warning.

“Don’t you look at me that way, you know exactly what you did,” she spits, tightening her grip. I haven’t done anything, it was more than likely our neighbors that called, but there is no convincing her of that. Besides, apologizing only ignited her anger further. I wisely remained silent and locked my gaze on the pearly glow of her coral nail polish. Each toe was dug firm into the ground, straining to break free of their wooden captor. I became mesmerized by the gleam, the unending sea of peachy-red and I tried to imagine what the color would feel like wrapped around my arms.More

The Watchmen – Part X – A Horror Novella

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part IX My mouse hesitates over the red camera icon. Yesterday I had been mentally prepared for this and while I had drug my feet, it was something that I was ready to do. Now I stare at this…More

The Watchmen – Part IX – Three Days – A horror novella

“I know what you’re thinking, I would be thinking the same thing.” I say, He looks over at me from his spot on the stool. His expression is hard to gauge. We are in the kitchen, now sitting across from each other to talk things out. I made tea for the both of us and then explained everything.More

The Watchmen Part VIII – A Horror Novella

It creeps along at a lingering pace, the blast barely moving a handful of feet at a time. I desperately want to move, but I know they won’t allow that. Not until they have wrung every ounce of pain from my body. I’m hoping through my own experience that I am able to convey the…More

The Watchmen Part VII – A Horror Novella

For the better part of the evening I manage to avoid eye contact as we sit across from each other. I’m mortified that he stumbled into me like that. I still haven’t been able to vocalize what I have seen. Thankfully, he helped me onto the elevator and we drove to the restaurant in silence.…More

The Watchmen – Part VI – The Funeral

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V The service was every bit as horrible as I imagined it would be. Most of the office was there, including the office downstairs. Apparently Zedd was the sort to really reach out to others. At the luncheon people traded stories about just how much of…More

The Watchmen – Part V – A Horror Novella

Part I Part II Part III Part IV I stand in the frigid air for several moments stretching my arms and legs. Dallas has gotten colder since I left. My hand finds the door and I am able to walk into my home again. I’ve barely been here a week and it is already feeling…More

The Watchmen Part IV – A Horror Novella

I stand outside for a moment and watch as the cars pass by. Everything moves so much slower here than it does in Dallas. No one seems to be in a rush, or cutting each other off. It really is beautiful and even from here I can make out the mountains in the distance. I…More