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Back To The Grind – A Pleasant Reminder That I Live in Texas

It’s Tuesday, I’m recovering from a previously long and exhausting workweek. The AC industry is no joke in Texas. Many families can barely afford to cover bills, let alone pay to have a service company come out. The DIY industry has boomed over the last decade or so since the internet has been empowering homeowners…More

Summer time, best time… -_-

So, much to my protest, every second I’ve wanted to spend writing has been consumed by company time. Not that I am complaining, because busy is good─ it means I keep having a roof over my head and food on the table. But being ready to get back to writing and not able to has…More

Hi, Hello I make keto recipes on my other site.

If you aren’t aware, I have a sister site where I post my keto recipes. 🙂 you can find it here. I try to encompass keto, gluten free, and vegan where at all possible. Anyway, if that’s your cup of tea─ here the awesome recipe be. Yarr xoxo -GreyMore

Cycles of Depression – A Thought Process Vocalized

Woman Realization of Self I have grown to realize that while self worth is only something that you can give to yourself─ something that I have worked for years to accomplish─ it is only a value you place on yourself. When you become self-aware it is a form of maturity to realize that you are…More