Fluffy bread recipe coming soon

Hey guys!

I had a rough weekend. The kind where nothing was done and nothing could be done about it. I mentioned that I was going to try out a keto bread version of the Shokupan (hokkaido milk bread) however─ I wasn’t able to.

Thanks, Grey, yeesh I was waiting on that.

I’ll be able to get to that this weekend and I’ll make sure that I share it with all of you. Until then, I’ll post up the next part of Anna’s story that we’ve been getting to on Twitter.

Here’s a picture of some fluffy bread because I love you guys and I promise I’ll get that keto version up asap. ❤


Image result for shokupan

More story time to come.




September is here!

Hey guys! September is here, which means I’ve finally managed to move into my new space. I spent the entire holiday weekend moving and while (disappointingly enough) I didn’t get 100% moved, I got down to the point that I only need to clean. That’s a pretty darn good feeling.

While I’m getting back into the swing of things (basically building my desk and putting in my computer and waiting on Charter to take their sweet time getting my internet installed─ Why isn’t Google fiber here yet?? >.<) I’ll be able to still update my Twitter and continue adventuring with you guys~

My goal of sending a manuscript in is still very alive, even with all the chaos of moving, and I’m proud of myself for genuinely sticking to a goal. You guys may notice that I enjoy baking (I post a lot on my Twitter and Insta when I have time.) I try to add the recipe’s up on here from time to time. Especially since my diet can be incredibly restrictive and I enjoy food just like anyone else. So when I find a recipe, I like to tweak it and then post it on here.

This weekend, I want to try the classic Japanese fluffy bread (Shokupan)


But a keto version!

I’m always looking for ways that make my food enjoyable and keto bread (In my opinion) is one of the hardest things to get to taste right and feel right. (texture is just awful with most keto breads and they are often SO eggy) My goal this weekend is to try and see if I can perfect this using Yvonne Chen’s original “yudane” method (also known as Hokkaido Milk Bread) but with keto friendly ingredients.

Wish me luck!



(p.s. a short story is due soon~)