Content Updates for The Haunting Hour Podcast

Hello 👋 everyone! So after all the excitement of physical ailments happening, I’m finally cleared to finish getting more done! I finished up the last of the action scenes in the audio story and I’m super excited and proud to release it to all of you. I’m going to listen to the whole thing tonight…More

Monday Motivation Stories!

Many people dread Mondays, so much that it has been the butt-end of jokes and meme’s for years. I used to dread it too when I started feeling stuck at jobs or that I would never move up from that position. And the truth was, I knew that I wouldn’t because there was no room…More

New Horror Podcast Is Up! Link In Post.

We kick off season 1 of The Haunting Hour with part 1 of a horror short called My Family Is Falling Apart. You can check it out here. We begin our story seeing through the eyes of a heartbroken father as he struggles through a rough divorce. But this isn’t like any other divorce─ his…More

Hell’s Gate Awakening – A Fantasy Novel

If you would like to read this in it’s entirety, you can find it here.    “My Goddess The Moon Can be as Bright as The Sun, But She is Only a Reflection.”  Her eyes flew open, the magnitude of the dream still lingering in her vision. The swirls of darkness lulled above her bed,…More