Friday Thoughts – Ready to release!

Good morning guys and happy Friday! This week has been a great one so far and I’m excited for all the strides and progress I’ve made with myself over these few weeks. While I’ve been silent I’ve been working hard to get myself where I want to be with writing and recording. Have you ever…More

The Haunting Hour Season 2, episode 2 will release this week.

With a new season of The Haunting Hour Podcast I’m excited to release this next story episode complete with music, voice acting, and creepy tales that is sure to make you look over your shoulder and maybe even─ check under your bed. 😉 You can find the other seasons and episodes here on Spotify as…More

The Haunting Hour Season 2 Is Here!

If you were able to access my podcast yesterday, apologies for the HORRIBLE audio that was released. Rest assured, this is the second time that I put someone else in charge to properly edit and upload and it will NOT happen again. Not only was it horrible, it still contained some of the raw file…More

The Backrooms – Urban Legend or Real?

The Backrooms are an alternate dimension that is said to exist in the shadows of our own world. It is a place of infinite darkness, filled with endless corridors and rooms. The dull, tan wallpaper is something stuck in the 70’s and the floors are damp and covered in a thick layer of dust. The air is stale and musty, and the only sound is the maddening faint hum of incandescent light bulbs.More

New Season of The Haunting Hour Podcast is Coming Next Week!

It’s here, it’s finally here! Season 2 of The Haunting Hour Podcast. If you aren’t familiar with the show, you can find it on my website here, Spotify, and Google Podcast. I am working toward putting them up on Apple Podcasts as well! The second season debuts on Thursday, February 23rd! With more time to…More

The Watchmen Part VIII – A Thriller Novella

If you missed the previous chapter you can find it here: It creeps along at a lingering pace, the blast barely moving a handful of feet at a time. I desperately want to move, but I know they won’t allow that. Not until they have wrung every ounce of pain from my body. I’m hoping…More

The Watchmen Part VII – A Thriller Novella

If you missed the previous chapter you can find it here: For the better part of the evening I manage to avoid eye contact as we sit across from each other. I’m mortified that he stumbled into me like that. I still haven’t been able to vocalize what I have seen. Thankfully, he helped me…More

The Watchmen – Part V – A Thriller Novella

If you missed the previous chapter, you can find it here: The Watchmen Part IV – A Horror Novella I stand in the frigid air for several moments stretching my arms and legs. Dallas has gotten colder since I left. My hand finds the door and I am able to walk into my home again.…More