Our twitter story threads posted here!

Below are our Twitter story threads. I’ll continue to update this and post it as we near the end of our journey. If you would like to join in on the fun and vote, you can find me here on Twitter. There is an active vote going on now!  Today is an unremarkable Tuesday, you…More

Halloween Audiobook Coming – Your Votes Put To Spooky Fun

So after two days, we got all the votes in and you guys have spoken! We’re going 1600 occult style witches, in a modern setting, with a family home. I can’t wait to write and record this, it’s my favorite time of year! I thought I’d make it even better by creating a fun, creepy…More

Understanding child abuse – An Open Letter To The Public – Part I

Warning. NSFL age 13+ recommended* You just can’t understand. I don’t mean that to sound rude, but it’s true. Just like any other person that has experienced something you haven’t will tell you. I can’t speak for other survivors of abuse. I can’t tell you their story, how they were hurt, or how it affected…More

Fantasy Stories – Anna’s Adventures Part III

Part I Part II Here is the next chapter of our Twitter stories. More to follow soon. If you’d like to adventure with us, you can vote on my daily polls to see where Anna goes and what she does next! Anna dove into the grass, rolling out of the direct path of destruction. She…More

Fantasy Stories – Anna’s Adventure’s Part II

Here is the next chapter of our Twitter stories. More to come soon! The boy opened the box to reveal a set of soft, grey robes. He left briefly, and then returned with strange bottles filled with varying liquids. The boy trilled at her, the noise calming and pure. He waved toward the small enclosure.…More

Fantasy story – Anna’s Adventures!

Deep in the recesses of Grey’s mind is a story aching to be told. Just about all day every day I imagine things, I daydream, and I love to share it. It’s literally killing me not being able to release the novel I’m currently planning on getting published! But, (oh, hohoho~) that doesn’t mean I…More

My Family is Falling Apart – A Short Story

“Jenna” She pauses, her back turned to me. Her shoulders are drooped more than usual, her frame wispy. She’s so light this time it looks as if a large gust of wind would knock her down. She sighs and then turns around, leaning on the brick outside of the door. Her breathing is labored like…More

Vengeance Part 2 – An Action Adventure

Audiobook version (NSFW!) Part three is coming next week! I stand inches from the yellow line, my arms to the side with my eyes pressed shut. The blending of music, voices, and people around me slowly filter out as I concentrate. The cool air gently tosses my hair to the side and the wind caresses…More