Daily prompt!

How does death change your perspective?

Death, to me, isn’t something to fear. It isn’t life changing, it’s just an inconvenience. Once I find the cure and become immortal I will achieve much greatness. Yes, yes indeed. Now, the tricky part will be finding the key to reversing age. I mean, who would want to live forever as dust? Liek, nah bruh. Going up people’s snoots or sitting somewhere on an empty shelf going mad? Bleh.

In all seriousness, so many people get hung up on this death thing. It would be poop if I died in a dumb way (funny as shit, but eh, not ideal). And more importantly, knowing how upset my daughter would be if I bite the big one.

Aside from that the only thing that annoys me the most about death is how long it would take me to die. But, you know, when you do die, you really wouldn’t care! Also, who gives a damn about what happens after your dead? Just toss me in a dumpster and light that puppy up! Or for funsies, cast me off into the sea on a mf boat and shoot fire arrows into me Viking style. Better yet, combine the two into a floating dumpster fire and call it a day. Then go have a few beers, reminisce about my stupid ass and laugh. ffs─ laugh! I’m dead, let’s throw a party.

Hmm. Well, I mean don’t throw a party because I’m dead that would be a little weird, but again I’m dead soo─

If the big dude upstairs exists I’d have a lot of questions. A lot of jackasses across the globe kill each other over which belief is better and frankly that’s a whole lot of shite. What kind of religion condones that crap? Beliefs that women are garbage or vile, less than human and need men to keep them in line─ fuck right off with your books written by men for men. Sounds like a men’s shaving commercial. xD

In all honesty I’m pretty sure that a creator wouldn’t be half the selfish asshole we make them out to be. Who gives a shit about what we do here other than the obvious don’t cause harm to other people and destroy their lives?

I loved the questions we used to cover in school about how we thought the world will end. My response has always been─ we will. We will kill each other. Death only crosses my mind in this manner: ‘damn it all, why was I born, I didn’t want to be here and now I have to realize that I have to eventually die.’

Until at least I beat aging.

xoxo- Grey

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