What makes you nervous?

Daily writing prompt
What makes you nervous?

I think when you work in an industry like I do, the thing that makes me the most nervous is making sure that I have my facts correct when both diagnosing and instructing our customers what to do. Not only that─ but thinking like they do. Considering I work in the HVAC industry, the average homeowner isn’t going to know a lot about how their AC functions even when they watch YouTube videos. They can understand how it may function to a degree, but not everything that can happen in between that, or what all goes on BEFORE they have the issue. So it’s my responsibility as a business owner and certified diagnostic technician to ensure that the homeowner feels confident enough to replace their own parts. I also advise them when it’s important to call a technician and state laws and guidelines. It can be nerve-racking to stay on-top of new tech as HVAC units change, as well as how many different brands of systems work. Not all machines work the same, so having to explain that to customers can be a task within itself, especially when crossing parts for them. Yes, that motor looks like yours. No, it absolutely is not the correct part and is a replacement, not the OEM. (Original equipment manufacturer.) No, you cannot get this motor on Amazon for $80 and yes, there is a quality difference. I hear this phrase every. single. day.

Oh sure, np sir. Let me just tell my employees they need to take a pay cut this month for your discount. While that sounds dramatic, I have several customers a day try to pull this crap and pull out their phones to show me some ridiculously low price on a part. Yeah─ I would get into why you are completely oblivious as to how a business functions and how paying employees enough to actually live as well as competing with a multi-billion dollar corporation that has way better negotiating power and buying power than I do, as well as many, many other factors─ but why waste my breath? People do not understand, or care how it works, they want what is cheap. Don’t even get me started on how everyone assumes you’re cheating them out of money and that you have so much money being a business owner. I find it quite amusing to not tell people I own the company. Well, that and let’s be real─ as soon as they know you have power they ask for a discount. On that note, please do not whip out your phone when you’re in a small business and try to guilt trip them into changing prices. Go do that at a chain company that it doesn’t actually hurt financially to do so─ you buttheads. >:P

Aside from the financial struggles rant, it makes me nervous knowing that many people only hear half of what you say. When I come across this, I have to emphasize the importance of what I am saying─ upwards of three to four times. (And in some cases, they do what they want anyway and then call back and claim they did it, when I know they didn’t.) I know they didn’t do it because I use the isolation method of diagnosing each and every time. Since they have the same symptoms, there is no way in hell they removed the power like I told them to, or checked for power in the correct way, or in the correct spot. And yet, they still stubbornly argue after saying they don’t know anything about ac or heating.

So while I have to watch what I say and have the knowledge to help others, I also have to listen to what knowledge they have absorbed from me. It’s like driving─ you can do the right thing and know what you’re doing, but NEVER expect others to do that. Basically pay as much attention to what they are doing as you pay attention to yourself. As a technician I have to see several steps ahead and some potential problems a newbie would run into. But I love my job and getting to troubleshoot everyday and solve some real head scratchers are freaking awesome.

How about you? What makes you nervous in life?

xoxo- Grey


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